18 Methods To Cut The Risk Of An IT Security Breach ebook

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll discover in the FREE PDF from Honest Intentions.18 Ways to Cut Risk of an Information Security Breach Cover

    • 18 ways to address your IT vulnerabilities with a checklist
    • Identity Theft criminal tactics
    • Controlling Access, Monitoring Accounts, Repairing Problems
    • Tips for the alert mobile device owner and identity reputation guardian
    • Why it’s a problem and steps to take

About Douglas Skinner

ExpertPrior to Intentional Management and during his years at Microsoft, Doug organized the most effective group of professional services partners to deliver software solutions in the US. He assisted partners and customers with Microsoft core infrastructure and security software and services, yielding sales that exceeded $6 million, each year.

Doug’s career has been marked by a quest to develop and execute plans for increasing top line sales, engage principal executives with compelling solutions, learn lessons for never ending improvement, and pay it forward. He formed partnerships between customers and subject matter experts in various fields: mobility solutions, software development, security technicians, network engineering teams, financial & legal executives, and marketing professionals.


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